Mission, Vision and Values

We strive to be both competitive and socio-environmentally conscious where environmental sustainability trumps profitability. To ensure accountably, we adhere to the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework (social, environmental and financial).Our mission is to raise the bar of innovative Hydraulic from the simplest 2 port header junction return manifold block to fully profiled 5-axis pump, motor covers and cylinder components, eco-manufacturing technologies and socially responsible business practices and to lead by example in reducing the overall negative impacts of the hydraulics and overall manufacturing industry.

Triple Bottom Line

Our goal is to create opportunities for employees to build prosperous, happy, healthy lives built on a foundation of trust and integrity. As a part of our TBL framework, all employees benefit from a corporate stock ownership plan. We are all accountable for ensuring your orders are accurate, in spec , delivered on time and environmental impacts have been minimized.

Value Proposition